Flying with Objective-C - iOS App Development for Non-Programmers - Kevin J McNeish

Flying with Objective-C - iOS App Development for Non-Programmers

By Kevin J McNeish

  • Release Date: 2015-08-09
  • Genre: Programming
Score: 4
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Updated to the Latest Versions of iOS and Xcode
All books in this series are updated to the latest version of iOS and Xcode. Updates are available free of charge!

Most of the books I scanned, even the “Dummies” series, assumed a basic knowledge of computer programming even for iOS beginners. What I like about Kevin’s writing is that he doesn’t make any assumptions – he just takes you there – step by step. - Lorraine Akemann, moms with apps

This second book in the series from Kevin McNeish, winner of the Publishing Innovation Award, highly acclaimed iOS trainer and conference speaker, and award-winning App Developer, is specifically designed to teach non-programmers Objective-C; the language used to create Apps for the iPhone and iPad. This book series assumes you know nothing about programming.

Book 2: Flying with Objective-C builds on what you learned in Book 1: Diving In. In the first two chapters, the author helps you understand basic concepts, such as "what is a class?" and "what is an object?" You then learn how to pass messages to objects, and then create your own custom classes. 

As you go through the book, concepts become more advanced until you reach the final chapters on Advanced-Objective-C and Advanced Messaging. Each concept is accompanied by step-by-step instructions to build an App that shows the real-world use of Objective-C programming features. This is a tremendous aid in helping non-programmers grasp even more advanced concepts.

The information in this book is up to date with the latest iOS technologies and the latest version of Xcode!

Includes Step-by-Step Instructional Videos!
Each exercise in this book has a corresponding movie that demonstrates how to perform the exercise. After trying to solve the exercise on your own, just tap the movie to watch the exercise solved for you in high quality video and narrative!

About the Author
Kevin McNeish is a featured writer and blogger for iPhoneLife magazine as well as author of the best-selling iOS App Development for Non-Programmers book series, winner of the prestigious Publishing Innovation Award. Kevin is creator of iOS apps including iElectionDay (awarded iPad App of the week) and is also Chief Software Architect of Oak Leaf Enterprises, Inc. He has a knack for explaining difficult concepts in a way that you can truly understand.

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  • So helpful

    By ergrl611
    I have struggled for months trying to understand Objective-C, and this book has made it so easy to understand.
  • Easy to Learn Objective C!

    By totherevolution
    I really like Kevin's teachings in this book! He's given a whole knew take on learning in an easy to understand and unique teaching approach to understanding Apple's native computer language, Objective C, for building apps. This iBook is a must have! Start learning Objective C the way it was meant to be taught. Thanks Kevin.
  • The best programming book for beginner

    By Masdani
    Hoping available for mac OS X ibooks
  • Best Book on Objective-C

    By Rouviere Media
    I have read many books on Objective-C and nobody explains it as clearly as Kevin McNeish. His examples work, the topics are clear and build on each other and each one increases your understanding of the subject. Kevin is an excellent teacher. This book costs more in iBooks than for the Kindle, but the difference in layout is worth the extra few dollars. Kevin obviously put a lot of effort into creating a book that combines form and function.
  • Amazing

    By Gorshnitzle
  • Really Great Beginner's Objective-C Book!

    By r.c.greti
    I have been studying Objective-C now for a while and I have many books on the subject, but none go into such details as this book does, in explaining difficult concepts in simple terms … and there are examples & videos to further help. This is a great beginners book on Objective-C that can be used later as a reference to go back to when studying the more advanced subjects. We are really lucky that the author took the time and effort to develop this series of easy to understand books!
  • Simply the Best way for Beginners to Learn Objective-C

    By Jroe6352
    I'm a hardware / IT guy not a developer but I've always wanted to code my own projects. Fresh off of creating my first prototype application in record time from Book 1 I delved into Book 2. While this book covers the deeper topic of Objective C it does so with the same simple easy to understand style of the first book. Simply no better book exists for a beginner to learn to program in Objective C.
  • Fantastic Coverage of Objective-C!

    By MDRunner
    I have been trying to learn Objective-C for over a year now and have tried the Dummies and Big Nerd Ranch books with no success. I decided to give this book a try and I am excited to FINALLY understand Objective-C! The explanations are at exactly the right level for a non-programmer. The videos at the end of each chapter show you how to solve each of the exercises and are an incredible aid in fully understanding all of the information in each chapter. I can't wait to get Book 3!
  • Great Objective-C book for beginners

    By BeBopDeluxe
    Contains great examples and easy to understand writing style. Fully explains each topic in concise & coherent way without confusing or leaving gaps for the reader to fill in on their own. Great understanding of what a beginner needs to know, along with giving additional background information to help their learning process. He doesn't lose focus of the non-programmer's perspective and doesn't assume they have knowledge of other OO languages.