A Spinner in the Sun - Myrtle Reed

A Spinner in the Sun

By Myrtle Reed

  • Release Date: 2015-08-12
  • Genre: Fiction & Literature


Myrtle Reed – is a american writer, journalist and poet. She was born and grew up in a large family with three children in Chicago, Illinois. Myrtle was the youngest child and the only girl. During his lifetime, she wrote many great novels. She also wrote a series of cookbooks and published them under a pseudonym Olive Green.
Roman Myrtle Reed - A Spinner in the Dream - a great story full of mystery and unusual events. The lady returns to his old home, but her face is always hidden veil. The neighbors do not know who she is and why came back. If there is something able to take off the mask and to shed light on the mystery of the lady, so  is a man - Piper Tom. The novel keeps the reader in confusion until the very end, but the denouement is very unexpected.